The Ultimate Guide to Good Home Insurance

This video offers a great overview of how to find good home insurance. If you have no idea where to begin with understanding coverage and what your policy is for, this is a great guide. There are five topics covered in the video that are worth noting.

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Home Location

Where your home is located, whether it’s in the city or the suburbs, can have a huge impact on your insurance costs.

Coverage & Liability

This video goes into great detail about what the different coverages and liabilities are that you can include in your home insurance. The best way to get this info is to watch the full video.

Don’t Take the Referral

Lots of times, your real estate agent might have a referral for a good home insurance agent. Don’t take the referral without doing some research about whether that agent is actually a good fit for you. Sometimes agents are just trying to grow their networks.

Do Your Own Research

Make sure you’re happy with the company and the agent you choose. Do your own research about what you need and your price range for rates to make sure you’re satisfied.


The up-front cost of bundled insurance might be more than if you had your auto and home separate, but having an agent you know and trust on your side can make all the difference when you have a major claim.


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