What You Need to Know About Custom Blinds and Shades

When you’re looking to customize your home by adding a style all your own, tackling a task may seem daunting if you have never done it before. Adding custom blinds and shades to your windows doesn’t have to be difficult when you measure them on your own. Just follow a few simple steps!

When measuring any size window, you will want to use a standard steel measuring tape and keep your measurements to the closest eighth of an inch. Start off by measuring the height of the window from top to bottom, staying inside the mount itself.

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Once you know the height, move on to measuring the width of the window from left to right.

You might encounter different types of mounts when choosing blinds and shades. Some mount to the outside of the frame, others to the inside. To ensure that your window has the proper depth to support blinds, you will want to measure the distance from the glass of the window toward yourself.


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