Car Insurance, Life Insurance And Homeowners Insurance Which One Is Right For Me?

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How does insurance factor into your life? Have you had a recent accident that’s affected your finances? How about bad weather making you wonder how your home is going to fare in the coming weeks? Insurance is more than just an obligation. It’s the very definition of peace-of-mind as we go about our busy and hurried lives. When you start looking up car insurance rates or home owners insurance, you’re looking for ways to make things a little easier. Let’s talk insurance and all the different ways you can stay safe and happy this year.

American Car Insurance

Own a car? Thinking of buying? You need to look up car insurance rates. A study provided by the AAA’s 2016 Your Driving Costs survey found that the average cost to both own and operate the average sedan exceeded $8,000 back in 2015. This was down nearly 2% from just the prior year. Overall? The countrywide average of auto insurance expenditure rose 4%, thanks to a report by the National Association Of Insurance Commissioners. What does this mean for your car insurance rates? Let’s take a look.

Why You Should Get Car Insurance

Many things can happen while you own and operate a vehicle. You can get hit by a poor driver, causing your lights to be damaged and repaired by your local repair company. You can get into an accident that causes your premium to raise. You can even get injured. Studies have shown over one million people die in car accidents every single year. When you want to stay safe and keep your wallet in the green, car insurance provides you a fallback plan every time you step behind the wheel.

American Life Insurance

What about life insurance? Healthcare is an important issue for Americans of all shapes and sizes, causing many to seek out more than just car insurance rates on their way to a more secure lifestyle. While studies have shown six out of 10 Americans saying they own a form of life insurance, nearly half still have insufficient coverage to address the needs of their family should they lose a loved one. Another one in three parents of children under the age of 18 have no life insurance at all. Are you one of them?

Why You Should Buy Life Insurance

Your health is important. Life insurance is designed to keep it that way. Nearly one-third of Americans reported in a recent LIMRA study they need more life insurance and, as of 2014, over half of all people in the United States were covered. There are many different kinds of life insurance available for people of different budgets and lifestyles, all the better to make sure you’re covered no matter what.

American Homeowners Insurance

Last, but not least, we have homeowners insurance. When a break-in can see you losing thousands of dollars in valuables or a flood can damage your attic, homeowners is peace-of-mind you can’t afford to circumvent. The year 2014 saw 5% of insured homes having a claim, thanks to ISO studies. The most common included property damage and theft, though bad weather would crop up especially often around the wetter seasons.

Choosing The Right Insurance

Why apply for insurance? Because you want to get the most out of your life. Life insurance is designed to help you when you need it most, while homeowners insurance can look after your house no matter the squalls. Car insurance rates, in particular, are a necessary resource on these dangerous roads. All in all, insurance is just another tool we use to get where we need to go. Whichever one you choose, make sure it’s one that suits you best.

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