14 Tips You Can You to Increase the Value of Your Home

There are many ways in which you can increase the value of your home without breaking your wallet. There are 32 million people who moved into new homes in 2018, While you may think that the value of your home is already high, wouldn’t you like to see it increase even more?

Of course, the higher your home value is, the higher you can list your home on the market, especially if you live in a neighborhood where the prices have decreased over the years. From making sure you have clean water flowing through your pipes to increasing the curb appeal, by following these great tips, you’ll be able to make some serious money on the sale of your home.

1. Touch Up On Your Landscaping

Before potential home buyers enter a home, the first thing that they’ll see is the landscaping. You don’t have to be the second incarnation of Hank Hill to know just how important it is to take care of your lawn. Landscaping gives a certain curb appeal to your home, and when potential buyers see the landscaping around your house, they’ll be equally impressed and will make you a higher offer than they previously would. That’s right, neat and clean landscaping can increase your home value in more ways than one.

The best way to touch up your landscaping is to cut your grass. Of course, you’ll be using a mower for this job, but there are plenty of contractors who specialize in lawn maintenance that can give your landscaping a spiffy look that will attract buyers.

2. Fix Up Your Plumbing System

If there is one thing that can bring home values down, it’s a bad plumbing system. Not only will you have to deal with clogs and low water flow, but your faucets could also pump out dirty water that will not be attractive to those who are looking at your home. You don’t want to saddle the new buyer with plumbing problems right out of the gate, as it may eat into their budget. So, do them a solid and call a plumber to come in and repair your plumbing system.

By giving the plumbing system some tender love and care, there will be clean water flowing from the faucets and your home value will see a marketed increase.

3. Retrofit Your Lights

Having a dark house may work for you, but it can be a terror on home values. These days, potential homebuyers want a bright home, and if you’re selling your home, you should do all you can do to bring in extra light into the home. You can do this naturally by getting curtains and blinds that will let natural light flow into the home, or you can do it the electrical way and call a residential electrician to come in and make repairs to your lighting so that it will give your home a bright, vibrant look and feel.

4. Put in Some Outdoor Lighting

Giving your home all the curb appeal it needs will be a tremendous asset to the value of your house. While landscaping is a big part of this, you should also invest in some outdoor touches that will make your home even more attractive to potential homebuyers. One such touch is outdoor lighting that you can purchase at your local home improvement store and line along the walkway to your home. Outdoor lighting will certainly boost your home’s curb appeal and lift the value of your home.

5. Put in an Irrigation System

If you live in a part of America that has lush lawns everywhere, this could be a great selling point for your home. Homeowners love the look of a lush, green lawn, but as most homeowners come to realize, it takes a lot of work to make that lawn a mini Garden of Eden. To help out potential homebuyers, add an irrigation system that will keep your home’s lawn looking a cool shade of green and add to the resale value of your home. In fact, according to Best Life adding an irrigation system could bring in an 86 percent ROI on average, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

6. Give Your Home’s Exterior a Facelift

When you look at the outside of your home, you may see that some repairs need to be made. As much as the inside of your home is important you shouldn’t neglect the outside of your home, either. As the old saying goes, the first impression makes the best impression, and the first thing that potential homebuyers are going to see once they pull up to your house is the outside. The last thing you want potential buyers to see is cracked siding or a house that is badly in need of a paint job.

So before you put your home on the market, make sure that the outside of your home is looking clean. If your home needs to be repainted, you can either call a contractor that can give your home a vibrant, fresh look, or you can do it yourself by purchasing a couple of gallons of paint and painting your home.

Also, you should check the siding on your home. If you have siding that cracking or breaking, you should call a contractor that works on siding repair to come in and give your home some need sidings. Giving the outside of your home a facelift will help the resale value of your home tremendously.

7. Make Smart Remodeling Choices

You’re looking at your house and are now deciding that the time is now for a remodel. There is certainly nothing wrong with remodeling a home as it will not only give your home a different, fresh look but will also give your home value a boost. Having said that, you should think and plan carefully how you want to proceed with a remodel of your home. Make sure that you’re making smart choices when it comes to your remodel. This is where it will be wise to bring in a designer to come and help you with your remodel.

You can call a closet designer that can come in and direct how you should reorganize your closet. There are also designers-for-hire that will give you a plan for your contemporary interior designs, transforming your home into a comfortable, but chic space that more aligns with the 21st century.

8. Retouch the Flooring

Your floors can play a role in increasing and decreasing your home value. A home with floors that need some repairs done to it can drag down the value of your house. it won’t be catastrophic, no, but it can bring down those values. If you’re looking to give your home an added boost, retouch your floors so that it will be appealing on the resale market. If you need to re-install your floors, some contractors will be able to do home floor installation for a great price. It will all be worth it once you see the value of your home rise.

9. Add a Deck to Your Home

Have you always wanted to add a deck to the backyard of your house? Well, now may be the perfect time to do it as it can add great value to your home. Adding a deck will give your home a cozy, get-together feel that will certainly be an asset if you’re looking to sell your home and you can market the new patio as a top-flight amenity that will surely get buyers to up their offer sheets.

10. Install a Fire Pit

In addition to adding on a deck, another amenity you could add to your backyard is a fire pit. If you live in a northern state where it’s cold for at least four months out of the year, adding a fire pit will be a highlight to your home and will put on value to your home once it’s time to sell. If you’re not looking to sell right now, it would still be cool to add in a firepit that you and your friends could hang around during the cold, winter nights.

11. Organize Yoru Space For Walk-Throughs

For those who are committed to selling their houses, you will need to make it feel as homey and roomy as possible so that you can host walk-throughs.

A walk-through is the process of showing your home to a potential homebuyer. The one thing that buyers don’t want to see is clutter, which will make it hard for you to do the home walk-through. Before you start showing potential homebuyers their new dream home, contact a home cleaning service to come in and make space for this important part of the home selling process.

Not only will it make it easier for you to show your home, but it will also add value to your home by increasing the square footage of the home. In the real estate business, expanded square footage means expanded home values, for potential buyers who will do a walk-through of your home and see added space, that will only up the asking price of your home.

12. Take the Carpeting Out

Some homeowners are in love with their carpet, and who can blame them? Carpeting brings a sort of comfort that hardwood or tile floors can’t bring. In this day and age, however, many homebuyers frown upon carpeting and instead are looking for homes that have a sleek, modering wood floor finish to the home. Even if you’re 100 percent sold on your carpet if you want to increase the value of your home, you will need to take out the carpet and replace it with a wood floor finish. For carpet lovers, this may be hard to do, but it will be worth it once you see the offer sheets start to roll in.

13. Get Rid of the Face Plates and Wall Switches

As we mentioned earlier, modern homebuyers are looking for a home that carries modern conveniences, even in older homes. Looking at it from this thinking, faceplates and wall switches are not modern and to homebuyers, it will make the home look a bit dated, which could drive down the value of your home. So before you list your home on the market, take out the faceplate and wall switches and replace them with a more moderate plate such as metal or ceramic.

It may sound like this will cost an arm and a leg to achieve but in reality, it won’t cost you but a few bucks to replace, thanks to many home improvement stores carrying different types of faceplates and wall switches.

14. Maximize Your Garage

You may look at your car garage as a space to park your car and add any excess things that you don’t want in your house.

However, if done right, your garage can give you added value to your home. Because modern homebuyers are a bit pickier these days, a messy and disorganized garage is not going to fly over well with them. So turn your garage into a profitable opportunity by maximizing the space of your garage. You can get contractors to clean it and organize it, or you can do it yourself. A clean, organized garage will bring your house values up.

In conclusion, there are a lot of tips that you can use to up the value of your home, and most you can do yourself or find a contractor that will do it for you for the right price. Fortunately, most of the tips outlined in this story are simple and can be done in a reasonable timeframe.

The modern-day homebuyer is picky about what type of home they want to purchase. They want a home in which the landscaping is lush and kept up. They want a home that is bright and vibrant. They want a home that doesn’t have plumbing problems and a garage that maximizes its value. It may seem like a lot, but doing all of these steps will command a high asking price for your home, which is the true name of the game when selling your house.

So go out there, make those repairs, and watch the value of your house soar.

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