Terrance JohnsonGreetings, visitors. My name is Terrance Johnson. I run Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction, a blog focusing on advice and helpful tips to get the biggest tax deduction from the premiums on your mortgage insurance. You’ve gotta get that money, you know what I mean? You might stop by a vending machine and pine for the delicious snacks inside, but if you don’t have money then guess what, bucko? No snacks for you! This is the exact reason why I’m so dedicated to helping people learn how to deduct their premiums with the grace and showmanship of a soda bottle sliding down a vending machine chute into a pair of thirsty, ruddy palms. Your home is not just a home, it’s a potential avenue for savings. And if you take advantage of that, then you’ll be able to stop scrimping and use all those vending machines you used to pass right by back in middle school when your mother wouldn’t give you any pocket change. Money! Go get it! Mortgage Insurance Premium Deduction! Yeah!

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Mortgage Insurance Deduction

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